QMH Damage Waiver


As the hirer of Tools, Plant and Access equipment you are required to ensure the equipment is covered in the event that it is stolen or damaged.

If you have your own Hired in Plant insurance you are covered, just send us over a copy so we have it on file.

Plant & Powered Access Accidental Damage & Loss cover is 20% of the hire charges – for loss or theft the excess is £1500 for each, and every equipment claim.

Theft, Malicious damage and vandalism must be reported to the police as soon as it is discovered, and a crime reference number obtained.

What’s included:

· The peace of mind to waiver the first £500 of administrative, labour and parts charges for accidentally damaged equipment.

What’s not included:

· Malicious Damage or vandalism during non-working hours, if the equipment is not stored securely and locked away when not in use

· Damage caused by chemicals or Paint overspray

· Damage caused by non-qualified operators

· Damage caused by failure to maintain Lubricant and coolant levels

· Damage caused by failing to maintain the batteries

· Damage caused by failing to maintain tyre pressures or track tension correctly

· Damage caused by failing to use the correct fuel

· Damage to filters and fuel lines due to the use of contaminated fuel

· Damage resulting from over loading or mis-use

· Damage by fire when hot work is being undertaken

· Damage to third party property or persons

· Damage while on unauthorised hire or loan to another party